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Tibet Thrives. Great changes have taken place in the Tibet Autonomous Region since its formal establishment in 1965. Socialist revolution and construction there is developing by leaps and bounds. Guided by Chairman Mao's revolutionary line and the Party's nationalities policy, the million emancipated serfs, together with the people of China's other nationalities, are steadfastly advancing along the socialist road. Tibet has made great strides in agriculture and animal husbandry. The total grain output in 1974 was 48 per cent higher than 1965, and flocks and herds were up by 25 per cent. There are now in Tibet over 250 industrial enterprises. covering metallurgy, power, coal, chemicals, machine building, textiles and tanneries. It is self-sufficient in many products or has a surplus. The gross output value of industry last year was nearly four times the 1965 figure. Tibet's education and health work has also made rapid progress. High in spirit and morale, the various nationalities in Tibet are determined to study well the theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat and strengthen their unity in defending the border region of the motherland and building a new socialist Tibet.

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Year 1975

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