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China's traditional acupuncture therapy evolved four to ten thousand years ago has developed and proved its value in clinical treatment of 300 kinds of diseases, of which about 100 are highly affectual. Acupuncture is an important creation of China. The oldest extant Chinese medical treatise "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" records acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. The Jingluo (channel) theory and forth in the book furnishes a theoretical basis for the transmission system of channels throughout the body. Bronze figure marked with acupuncture points was cast in the 11th century. Printed diagram of the channel points existed in the 17th century. Acupuncture, which was looked down upon in the old society, has been greatly encouraged since liberation. By combining the Chinese and western medicines, new methods of treatment have been developed and popularized, such as needle therapy activated by electricity and the therapies of point injection and of irradiating points with laser rays. Acupuncture is playing important part in China's medical work. It also becomes known to other countries. According to incomplete statistics, doctors in more than 50 countries are now using acupuncture in the treatment of diseases.

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