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0030 - Teng Hsiao-Ping Extends Warm Congratulations At R.S.V.N. And D.R.V.N...Back

Teng Hsiao-Ping Extends Warm Congratulations At R.S.V.N. And D.R.V.N. Embassies In Peking. Teng Hsiao-ping, Vice-Chairman of the C.P.C. Central Committee and Vice-Premier, on May 1 called at the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam in Peking. He handed over to Nguyen Trong Vinh, the D.R.V.N. Ambassador to China, a copy of the April 30 message of greetings jointly sent by Chairman Mao Tsetung. Chairman Chu Teh and premier Chou En-lai to President Nguyen Huu Tho and President Huynh Tan Phat and Comrades Ton Due Thang, Le Duan, Truong Chinh and Pham Van Dong. The message extended the warmest congratulations on the liberation of Saigon. On behalf of Chairman Mao, the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Government and people, Comrade Teng Hsiao-ping expressed the warmest congratulations to the heroic people in south and north Viet Nam.

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Front No
Place Vietnam
Transcribed Yes
Year 1975

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