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Jingdezhen Porcelain. Jingdezhen, China's famous "porcelain town" in Jiangxi Province, obtained fruitful results in resuming fine qualities of its traditional porcelain as well as developing new varieties of products in the past two years. The output of its everyday use porcelain articles also topped best record in history. Jingdezhen is rich in quality porcelain clay, glaze and other natural materials. As early as in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), porcelain kilns were established there. Since the Song (960-1279 A.D.) and Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 A.D.), it has evolved a unique style of its own by absorbing the advanced techniques of the leading porcelain kilns of other areas. Porcelain wares it produced are as flawless as jade, ... shiny as mirror, thin as paper and resonant as bell. From the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.) onwards, Jingdezhen has become the largest ceramic centre in China. It is still prospering after a thousand years. Jingdezhen's major traditional products include underglazed blue, antique glaze, famille rose, colour glaze and carved porcelain. It is renowned all over the world for great varieties of products, beautiful shapes, rich decorations and multiform techniques.

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