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Home Of Taijiquan In Central China. Chengou village in Wenxian county, Henan province, is one of the birthplaces of Taijiquan (traditional Chinese shadow boxing). Chengou was known for the boxing as early as in the Ming dynasty (1368- -1644 A.D.). The Chen Family Taijiquan, one of the famous boxing schools, was created by Chen Wangting, a military official, in the last years of the Ming dynasty, according to historical records. The Taijiquan of the Chen Family pays heed to the physiological conditions. While absorbing the quintessence of other boxing schools, it has preserved its own style that has existed for more than 300 years. The well-preserved books "Illustrated Taijiquan in Four Volumes", "Ten Major Expositions of Taijiquan", "Taijiquan of the Chen Family" and "Expositions of Combative Taijiquan" are the summary of the boxing. Now 70 percent of the villagers in Chengou can play Taijiquan. Chengou boxers have won many prizes at the National Wushu competitions. An amateur Taijiquan school has been set up in the village to explore and carry forward this old cultural heritage.

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